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It’s Not That You CAN'T Look Like Them – It’s Because You’ve Been Given False Information On How To Make THAT Kind Of Body Transformation – Keep Reading And Find Out Why 97% Of The Figure Prep Information Online Is Simply A Set-Up For Failure

When It Comes To Figure Contest Prep...

Who has time for some university program?

Who has time for a generic home study course?

Who has time to figure out if they should follow meal plan #1 or meal plan #2?

Who wants to follow a prep program from someone who knows nothing about fat loss and is personally coached by someone else?

The answer? No One!

...And the above are just some of the reasons you haven’t been able to lose fat and make the same body transformation as those women you admire and aspire to look like.


figure coach karenMy name is Karen Sessions. I'm a certified fitness instructor, best-selling eBook author, researcher, former competitor, Figure Coach and success coach.

I've been in the fitness industry for 29 years and I've helped THOUSANDS of women from 20-55+ years of age compete and even win Figure Competitions, and I'm confident I can help you too with your figure contest prep.

I wrote Figure Competition Secrets due to the demand for contest prep information and the lack of QUALITY FACTS. There is an overwhelming amount of information online going in 20 different directions. This leads you down a path of diet and training confusion and ultimately not losing fat, eating up muscle, destroying the metabolism, and the final outcome is giving up.

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In my last 30 years in the fitness industry I've noticed 2 HUGE problems with losing body fat and figure contest prep...

fat loss problem 1

Most figure prep diet plans sold online are virtually cookie-cutter plans; a one-design plan that fits-all approach.

Of course, a new diet plan low in calories will drop a pound or two, but the glory is short-lived. If you continually hammer away on the same diet format you will hit a standstill in a matter of weeks, and if you continue the program, you could KILL your metabolism. Once you compromised your metabolism, you can kiss ANY fat loss efforts good-bye.

Your body is a machine. It's designed to function as a unit and keep you alive. You have to do more than just lower calories and coast on a stagnant diet plan. Your body is smart (since it's built for survival) and it will figure out what you are doing pretty quickly and retaliate. When your body declares war on YOU, all I have to say is look out.


SOLUTION: Diet, Revise, Diet, Modify, Diet Tweak

Dieting for fat loss requires more than two adjustments in a 12 week period.

I've receive a LOT of advice from some highly-ranked competitors in my 29 years. One piece of advice given to me in my early years, that proved to be true is, you can trick your body, but only for so long. What does that mean? It means it's only a matter of time that your body figures out that you are losing body fat and it will begin to put up roadblocks. YOUR job is to be able to navigate around those roadblocks and NEVER let it catch on to what you are doing.

There is a proper protocol for dieting to lose fat and keep your muscle tissue in your figure contest prep. Every two weeks, as you lose body fat, you should adjust your diet accordingly, not just lowering calories.

Eating in this manner allows you to eat nutrient-dense food, lose fat, and keep nearly all your muscle tissue. Best of all, the chance of hitting a fat-loss plateau is virtually ZERO.

The best part of strategic dieting is that you retain a lot of your energy so you can put in productive training sessions and cardio workouts.


fat loss problem 2

If your diet program allows absolutely no cheats, you are in trouble, even if you are planning to step on stage.

Figure contest prep programs or coaches who suggest 12-16 weeks of extreme dieting and absolutely No Cheating should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

Twelve to 16 weeks is 3-4 months! Just 3 weeks on the BEST diet with no cheats can lead to cravings and binges, which turn to guilt and ultimately, self-sabotage. Dieting to lose fat in a figure contest prep plan is a mind game, and you have to have some wiggle room or you'll just do a complete 180 and head FAST in the other direction.


SOLUTION: Implement One Scheduled Cheat Day

I've worked and trained with the best-of-the-best, and in all my 29 years of training, competing and coaching, cheat meals are what keep the athlete running in high-gear.

While cheating on your figure contest prep diet may sound like a oxymoron, it can actually prevent plateaus from occurring AND, at the same time, spark your metabolism for another week. Cheating on your diet can be a win-win situation when applied appropriately.

What you must understand is that cheating is not something you do every day. A cheat day is ONE SCHEDULED day that you allow yourself to indulge in whatever you have been craving that week. It's HOW you apply your cheat meal that makes it a success. You also need to know when to exchange it for a re-feed day or know when to cut the cheat and refeed day out.

Cheat meals are psychological. They also allow you to keep your metabolism running when you are caloric-deficit and they help to replenish glycogen levels.

If you diet hard for 12-16 weeks and don't allow yourself one cheat day a week, you will revert once the diet or competition is over, binge on EVERYTHING you think you missed in those 3-4 months and blow-up like a Macy's Day Float. Dramatic, but true.


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Learn what the fittest women in the world are doing to look so great.

Find out what it REALLY takes to lose that nagging body fat that just doesn't seem to move no matter what you do.

You'll learn how to eat in such a way so you can build muscle while you drop the fat.

Follow the same guidelines and avoid the most common roadblocks and start changing your physique too.

102 Pages of PURE Information that Works!


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Can you do this on your own, without my figure contest prep program? Sure, if you wanted to spend a few years doing the research on federations, judging, posing, precision dieting, carb-loading, peak week, training, cardio, posing suits, tanning, heels, etc. There is a science to getting super lean and even contest ready.

The other option is downloading Figure Competition Secrets and get on the fast track to a super lean and fit body. Imagine how it will feel to get up each morning, seeing and feeling your body leaner and more defined. My program works because I went to the school of hard-knocks and I have nearly 3 DECADES of research, testing, and experience. I have the track record to prove ALL my successes...

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Making The Decision Can Lead To GREAT Things...

Kimberly invested in Figure Competition Secrets. She made a stunning body transformation, took her physique to the stage and earned her IFBB Figure Pro Card.

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If you just had the RIGHT direction and guidance, you could do this too. Figure Competition Secrets is your answer. But Kimberly isn't the only one. There are THOUSANDS of women who have changed their physiques by eating in a precise manner and working out in such a way that it forced the fat off their bodies, all the while, developing muscle tissue.

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If these women can do it... I have faith that YOU can too. You just have to have a desire to start. Follow that up with my Figure Competition Secrets, and you'll have your before and after photo up here in 12 weeks too.

Taking action now can get you the body you want in just weeks.

This is just some of the things you can expect with Figure Competition Secrets

Learn how long you need to prep so you can have the perfect body
Get information on how to overcome roadblocks so you can stay on track 24/7
Get my inside secrets on building confidence so you can become a success
Learn how to set goals that you can actually accomplish
Get my secrets on how to properly diet for fat loss so you can get super lean
Find out how many meals a day you need to eat so you can keep your muscle while you lose fat
Learn how to socialize when dieting so you can still have a life
Get my secret tips on cheat meals so you can shock your metabolism weekly
Find out how to workout so you can build dense muscle
Learn how to implement cardio so you can eat up body fat
Learn my little supplement secrets so you can game the system
Get my insider secrets on posing and judging so you can be a step ahead of your competition
Find out how to enter a competition so you can be ready ahead of time
Get my tips and tricks on how to master peak week so you can take center stage


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Start Your Personal Body Transformation...

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Please read our disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is your ability to follow through. There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. Your effort will determine your results.


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