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ROOKIE UPGRADE #1 - Figure Prep Diet

Far too many women are relaying generalized dieting to get lean and even prep for competitions.

General dieting information can only get you so far, then you hit a plateau, and then start packing on the pounds.

While you do get GREAT information on dieting in the FCS Main Manual, you can really fine-tune your nutrition and diet by using this precision formula for getting lean.

You will be able to manage your calories easily for your stats, use re-feed days to super-charge your metabolism, use my secret tricks-of-the trade, and have customized meal plans... All right at your finger tips.

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ROOKIE UPGRADE #2 - Cutting Stacks

Do you HAVE to supplement to get lean and figure-ready? No. Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

Look, supplements aren't going to hurt you if you know what to take, when to take it, and how much to take.

The biggest downfall I see with women is they take a boat-load of supplements, not really knowing what any of them really do. In addition, some of their supplements contain hidden ingredients and if you combine them, you can take too much of one or the other.

There IS a proper way to take your supplements, and the fat burning supplements are the most critical. Get my supplement stacking secrets so fat burners can actually burn fat.

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ROOKIE UPGRADE #3 - Figure Workouts

If you want a drop-dead, sexy, and fit body, you gotta workout to build and sculpt it.

Training and cardio are going to be the staple of your overall body transformation. But, HOW you implement each determines your success in fat loss and muscle development.

With this guide you'll learn how to train with 100% intensity using the proper poundage for you strength level so you can develop and maintain your muscle tissue.

The cardio portion will show you how to implement cardio so you target body fat only. Learn how to build your cardio so you can train your metabolism to burn fat rather than burn it out over the course of a few weeks.

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ROOKIE UPGRADE #4 - Body Assessment

To get started burning fat and building muscle, you need to know where to start.

Most women are running around in circles and clueless about their progression, or lack of. To get started on your body transformation you need to get an accurate stats of your body.

With this guide we'll do a full body assessment, determine your prep time in weeks, you'll use a critique sheet, do body fat testing and use the measurement chart.

With this guide at hand, you'll always know the shape you were in, and your path moving forward.

.$17 value >>NOW ONLY $2.50

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