The REAL Secrets To Building Massive, Ripped-Up, Head-Turning Legs...

Learn 3 Proven Principles That Are VITAL For Building Substantial Leg Mass!

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Personal Fitness Instructor - Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder

Did you know that 90% of the guy training to improve their leg development, whether it's for muscle size or cutting, are training their legs completely wrong, wasting time and NEEDED space in the gym?

Honestly, look at the guy who trains his legs twice a week, going from machine to machine, for an hour and a half. Do his legs really look ANY different than they did 6 months ago?

The answer... Hell NO!

The RAW Truth is that general leg training programs for are not designed to really give you the leg transformation results you really want. They just keep you running around in circles and never achieving anything but frustration and your legs are still just as pitiful as they were months ago.

You begin to think...

  • The program is not working, it must be meleg extensions

  • Maybe I should tweak my calories

  • Perhaps I should adjust my carbs

  • I can't see leg definition, my fat intake must be too high

  • My legs still look soft, I'll do an hour of cardio a day

  • I'll add a few more exercises, sets, and reps, that will do the trick

...Blah, blah, blah... Do these "reasoning's" sound familiar?


You see, the problem isn't you; it's the poor leg training program you've been following. It's not properly designed to get you the true results you want which are a set of massive wheels with defining cuts. Yes, those powerful quads that command attention at the gym, on the beach on the competitive stage...

Most leg training programs you get out of those flashy magazines or online are usually copied and not tailored to true leg growth or cutting results.

There is an UP Side... I have some good news for you. There are 3 Basic Principles you should follow if you want to build legs that are strong and muscular. Follow these 3 leg training principles and you can transform your legs into a sheer work-of-art and have others BEGGING you for your leg training secret.

This article is going to expose the biggest leg training downfalls, how you can overcome them and actually implement a leg training program that will make you see and feel the changes just hours after your first workout.

These 3 Training Principles Expose The Exact Mistakes You've Been Making And Reveal EXACTLY How To Implement Leg Training To Literally Transform Your Legs So They Are Developed, Tight And Conditioned...

Now... I'm going to tell you these 3 Training Principles so you can get to work and get results...

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principle 1

You MUST Build The Foundation Before You Can Sculpt The Master Piece...

Building your legs is an art; it's sculpting a fine masterpiece. You can't just go in the gym, do a couple of weeks of circuit training and expect to have a set of jaw-dropping quads. Building those eye-popping' legs that turn heads is a process of building them and then cutting them.

Let's talk about The 3 LIttle Pigs and how they can help you build massive and cut legs.

You remember the story. There were three little pigs and each built their own house. The first little pig built his house made of straw. It was just a shell and when the wolf came a blowing, well he destroyed the first house because is based on nothing.

The second little pig made his house out of sticks. His house was also built on weak principles, and when ole' woofie came by, well he obliterated that ho sue too due to lack of proper building structure.

What did the third little pig do? He was smart. He built his house on a solid foundation of BRICK. Brick is rock hard and solid. The wolf huffed and puffed all the could, but he could not take down the brick house build on a sold foundation.legs before after

Do you get what I'm saying?? To build a set of legs that are even worth looking at, you HAVE to lay the foundation. If you fail to build the basic structure, you are just wasting your time and you will NEVER get the legs you want.

You have to start with the groundwork and build on that. Once you build a solid muscle base you can then sculpt your legs into a fine work-of-art, full of detailed and cuts.


An Effective Leg Training Program Will Include:

  1. Eating enough calories to fuel high-powered workouts
  2. Eating enough calories to support muscle recovery
  3. Making proper use of compound exercises to build the foundation
  4. Training with true anaerobic intensity for proper muscle fiber stimulation
  5. Keeping leg training within proper time parameters to prevent overtraining


The Problem Is...

Most leg training programs are a set up for failure. You put 100% into them and you end up with muscle loss and soft embarrassing legs. That's because most leg training programs aren't designed on layers of building and sculpting. They just throw every exercise and principle into a one-size-fits-all program which leads to overtraining, over-taxed muscles, and muscle loss, fatigued, and disappointment.


The Truth Is...

  • A properly formulated leg training program allows you to eat enough quality calories to support intense training and recovery.
  • A well-constructed leg training program allows you to train in a given amount of time, not hours wasted in the gym.
  • A properly devised leg training program lays the foundation of muscle building and leg sculpting so you can create the perfect package.

But that's not all... You have to do the RIGHT exercises to actually stimulate muscle development... In doing so, you can transform your legs in record time.. See Principle #2...

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principle 2

You HAVE To Do The Right Exercises That Actually Target The Leg Muscles Fully...

The Problem With General Leg Training Programs Is... They lack structure and consistency. Typical leg training programs for men will have you doing an array of bulgarian split squats, jump squats, and mountain climbers in a crazy circuit fashion.

NEWS FLASH: While those general leg exercises do work your lower body, it's more of an anaerobic workout. They are not building the leg foundation you need to implement cutting tactics in your second phase. powerful leg training


Yes, there is a place for a form of circuit training and certain leg exercises, BUT they should be applied in a strategic manner rather than haphazardly. Random leg exercises and mindless circuits don't build head-turning legs.

To build your leg foundation you have to implement various forms of compound exercises. In addition, your leg building phase should be based on anaerobic intensity rather than excessive sets and reps of circuits.

Your leg training program should involve compound exercises as well as isolation movements to stimulate your leg muscles completely.

If you do NOT build your leg foundation you CANNOT cut your legs because in order to cut, you MUST have the muscle mass built.


A properly constructed leg program will allow you to train your hamstrings as well as quads with both compound and isolation exercises using anaerobic intensity. This EXACT protocol lays the foundation for leg muscle development so you can cut and define them.

Here's the REAL Kicker... When you build your leg foundation with the proper exercises you need to ensure you are using the right training sequence so muscle fatigue follows descending pattering, allowing you get 110% out of your training. See Principle #3...

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principle 3

It's CRITICAL That You Do The Right Leg Exercises In The Proper Sequence...

Now that you have agreed to train your legs for muscle development so you can cut and define them in the near future, and you agree to use the right exercises to stimulate your leg muscles 100% for optimal results... There is ONE more leg training trick you can use to amp-up your workout another 47%.

There is 100% ABSOLUTELY a Precise Succession your leg exercises must follow so you get full muscle stimulation.

That fact is, 95% of the guys training legs are using a training order that's working against them. They are putting 100% into their training, but only receiving about 30% of the results. mens physique squat workouts

You see... You are human and your muscles will fatigue when you train them. The ORDER in which you do your leg exercises will either work against you or work for you. This third leg training principle is designed to minimize muscle fatigue so you can capitalize on your leg strength and muscle building fully.


When You Do Certain Leg Exercises in a Certain Sequence You Will:

  • Be stronger
  • Build well-developed, muscular legs faster
  • Lessen muscle fatigue by 60%
  • Bring out more muscle definition when you start cutting

It's a proven fact. If you do certain leg exercises in a certain order, you CAN boost your leg workouts and leg development 90%. Cathe Friedrich states, "The sequence in which you do a series of resistance exercises CAN impact the results you get. As you become fatigued later in a workout, you won’t be motivated or physically capable of pushing as hard and your performance will start to decline on the last few exercises you do."

The truth about leg training is, you don't need a LOT of various exercises in one workout. By prioritizing, planning, and training arrangement, you can build Killer Quads like you never imagined.

Once you start implementing these 3 Basic Leg Training Principles you will soon be seeing your physique transform before your very eyes... .

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Using the Proper Leg Training Protocol is the ONLY Way to Ensure Success...

The Cold, Hard Truth is that these 3 Leg Training Principles are the Working Factor for building head-turning wheels. Now you are aware that there's more to leg training that jumps and kicks, it's time to start putting these Proven Elements into practice so you can reap the rewards.

However, it's not for everyone. You HAVE to be dedicated to training and following a structured program designed to deliver results. You really have to set a goal, make a commitment, and follow through. Only Then will you succeed. The choice is yours.

If you are among the ELITE and want to transform your legs and finally get noticed in the gym, at the beach, and on stage, then click the "Next Page" button below and I'll show you a Proven Leg Training System based on years of study, research, and real-life trial-and-error. Best of all... It WORKS!.

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