3 Cellulite Lies That Appear Genuine, But Actually KEEP The Cellulite On You...

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By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Personal Trainer, Lifetime Natural Female Bodybuilder

Did you know that most cellulite programs available are created by men, men who don't typically suffer with cellulite?

Often times, these "cellulite programs" designed by men are centered around "targeting" exercises with ZERO Substantial Proof that they really work at eliminating cellulite. no more cellulite

If exercises alone were the cure-all for cellulite, then it should make you wonder why may Figure Competitors and Female Bodybuilders are plagued with the cellulite problem. After all, THESE women are the mecca of fitness.


Maybe not, because the TRUTH IS that many female athletes including power lifters, Bikini Competitors, and Physique Competitors have cellulite.

The 3 Cellulite Lies listed below will explain to you EXACTLY why you have cellulite and how you can reduce it the right way. That's right...Gone, bye-bye.

Once you realize and understand these 3 Unconventional Facts, that most people are unwilling to even discuss, you can Take ACTION, put on your boxing gloves and fight back.

karen sessionsMy name is Karen Sessions and I have been in the health, diet, and fitness industry since 1988. Over my 25+ years of study, research, competing in natural female bodybuilding and coaching clients, I was able to put together a proprietary secret system that actually Reduces And REMOVES Cellulite.

By taking charge of your functioning body systems and nourishing them you can boost your metabolism, lose weight, get in shape, REMOVE cellulite, balance your hormones, clear your skin plus a whole host of other benefits that come along with a fit, shapely, and healthy body.

I used this SPECIFIC method for THOUSANDS of female clients around the globe from the ages of 18-62. It WORKS. All you have to do is follow the advice and you too will be able to see EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

But First, A Warning... Why people love my programs: Because I don't B.S. I don't follow the herd and I'm not spood-fed by mainstream media.

The information you receive is well-researched, I believe in it, I have used it, and I have used it on THOUSANDS of other women. So, let it be known that the information you will receive will either be new or controversial. I don't care. I care about getting you results and that's what I do. So just be aware that you won't read this on any other "Cellulite Web Site," fitness magazine, and you won't even hear it from your personal trainer.


3 Cellulite Lies Reveal EXACTLY Why You Have Cellulite (ewww) AND EXACTLY What You Can Do About It To Start Moving It Off Your Body As Soon As Today...

Let's Smooth Out The Lumpy, Bumpy Cellulite Myths...

This article is crucial information if you really want to do something about that cellulite hanging in the worst areas. You've tried everything else, so just carve out 3 minutes of your time and read this over and let me know what you think...


cellulite lie 1

Skinny Women Don't Get Cellulite...

The human female anatomy is EXACTLY the same whether you are under weight OR overweight. This is why it's Very Common to see cellulite on a VAREITY of women of ALL Shapes and Sizes says Shira Ein-Dor, owner of the American Cellulite Reduction Center in New York City. Cellulite does not discriminate. skinny women don't get cellulite

Cellulite is not necessarily a weight issue. It's actually an inner health issue. But, exercise sites don't want you to know this because they want you to buy their "uniquely coined" exercise programs.

Its' very common for female fitness athletes who compete in physique shows to have cellulite. Shocking, isn't it? It's because cellulite is NOT a weight issue and it's NOT an exercise issue.

Figure Competitor on Fitness Forum:

“I have it [cellulite] too... in the same places you do. I'm down to about 13% BF right now and STILL have it. My upper body is already as lean as I'd like it to be and yet the lower body is still not there yet. I'm 8 weeks out from a figure show and I know my thighs will be the last place to come in..."

So, as you can see, skinny women AND fit women can get cellulite. It's not just a condition to those who are overweight or out of shape. You have to realize that it's NOT a genetic thing and a mysterious workout isn't going to cure your cellulite.

What you put into your body affects your skin's health and appearance (cellulite). Also everything your body eliminates or fails to eliminate affects your skin's health and appearance (cellulite).

A woman can have a poor health protocol, be skinny and have cellulite, just as a women can have a poor health protocol, be overweight and have cellulite. It's not a weight issue, it's what's going on inside your body, just under your skin.

To learn more how you can have the cellulite cure in downloaded onto your computer today, click to the next page and get the 411.


cellulite lie 2

Your Cellulite Is From A Muscle Fiber Issue Due To Muscle Atrophy (Neglecting The Muscles) And The ONLY Way To Get Rid Of It Is To Exercise In A Very Specific Way...

You may have heard that cellulite is caused from a muscle fiber issue. I'm not really sure what that is, because it doesn't make any sense. Weak muscle fibers are basically NEGLECTED muscles due to aging, typically. A muscle fiber issues can be seen in women who cellulite muscle fiberdon't workout as much or at all. Cellulite is not due to a muscle fiber issue.

...Myth, WRONG, LIE!

Speaking of Lie to get to the TRUTH About Cellulite.. Let's focus on what lies beneath. Beneath the skin's surface are fibrous tissues. These are bands that hold the fat in place and they keep your skin smooth. (See the smooth skin at the top of "Healthy" to the right?) >>

Changes in what your body receives and fails to eliminate can weaken the fibrous tissue bands, causing the bands to become weak and break. When the mend is gone, the fat pokes through and the lumps and bumps become visible... (See the fat poking through at the top of "Cellulite to the right?) >>

Cellulite is a VISUAL EFFECT of what's going on under your skin. It's the broken connective tissues that you can't see LITERALLY see, but they do manifest visually on the surface as cellulite.

The Problem Is...

People tend to fall for exercise pitches. While exercising DOES help treating and reducing cellulite, it's not the Total CURE for removing cellulite from your body.

You see... When the fibrous bands are compromised, bumps and lumps poke through because the connective tissue aren't held together like they are suppose to be. The lumpy cellulite will stay until you Strengthen The Connective Tissues... NOT THE MUSCLE FIBERS. Look at the photo above. If you strengthen the muscle tissue (in red) it will just get bigger. It does nothing to correct your cellulite problem. It won't make it worse, but it certainly won't fix it.

Exercise does not strengthen the connective tissue fibers (bands) that have been damaged. Exercise strengthens the muscles beneath the skin. Hydration and nutrition will strengthen the bands beneath the skin and reduce cellulite

Sure, there ABSOLUTELY is a place for exercise in a Cellulite Cure Program, but the workout is only part of the equation. Cellulite needs to be targeted with various approaches to get rid of it... For Good! You can do it the right way and the permanent way. I'll show you how on the next page.


cellulite lie 3

You Have Cellulite Because It's Genetic, It's In Your Genes...

GREAT! Blame granny for your cellulite. This is just an Awful Myth because it sets you up for mental failure right out the gate. The honest truth is that cellulite may be in your Jeans, but it's not in your GENES!

The distribution of fat can be a part of genetics, but genetics can be altered to some degree. Therefore you cannot blame your cellulite issues on your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. You have control over your body and can make changes.

Factors genetics are irrelevant to if you can or will have cellulite or not.cellulite geneCellulite does NOT run in families. Poor health habits can run in families. If your mother developed cellulite due to her lifestyle habits, and YOU follow the same lifestyle habits, you can certainly follow in the cellulite path.

BUT, just because your mother and/or grandmother has or had cellulite does not give you the golden ticket to have it too.

Oddly, there's cellulite genetic testing on the market today that supposedly can tell you where you have the cellulite gene. LMAO!

Okay... The RAW and HONEST Truth About Cellulite is that cellulite is NOT a medical term. It is a word created by the European spas in the early 1900s to describe the fatty deposits that resemble cottage cheese on the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The notion made its way to the United States in the early 1970s via a United States publication in 1973 by Nicole Ronsard, owner of a New York City beauty salon beauty salon specializing in skin and body care. Nicole wrote a book, Cellulite: Those Lumps, Bumps, and Bulges You Couldn’t Lose. Before the 1900s cellulite Wasn't Even Around! So, how on EARTH can there be a gene for it?

Get the Truth About Cellulite and the REAL Facts so you don't have to fall victim to the mass amount of sick misinformation. Check out the next page for The Cellulite Cure...


Implementing the PROPER Information Is The ONLY Way To Get Rid of Cellulite...

The Cold, Hard Truth is that these 3 LIES are what is hindering YOU from getting rid of your cellulite. If you keep following mainstream cellulite information, you'll continue to nourish and keep your cellulite. And I'm sure that's not what you want.

To get rid of cellulite and tone and tighten your body you have to use principles that actually WORK. Principles that nourish your skin and body and principles that allow for proper elimination. Once you have the right factors working, your cellulite will automatically be flushed right out of your body.

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