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Want The Ultimate Figure Competition Prep Lessons?

I'm Karen Sessions - Figure Coach, and I have created these "Figure Competition Insider Lessons". What I have assembled will put the odds back in your favor and give you the control you need to meet your short-term figure prep goals.

Here is what you'll get when you download these "Insider Secrets:"

  • My personal BEST figure diet tactics I use to melt body fat like CRAZY, all the while maintaining lean sexy muscle that you will need when you step on stage... [Includes sample figure diet tear sheet]...

  • How many weeks you REALLY need to prep before stepping on stage...(This info just might SHOCK you...)

  • Tips, Tricks, and little Secrets on How to Pose to REALLY Impress the Judges. (HINT: It's NOT what you think)

  • How to train for your figure contest (Real Prep Training) where you have a chance at placing FIRST. (Tips handed down from IFBB Figure Pro)...

  • A few of my TOP All-Natural Supplements I think are the BEST for shedding body fat and keeping lean muscle during dieting... [Not Your Average Sports Supplement Stuff!]

Plus a few more lessons I can't mention.

When you are armed with the FACTS, you can IMMEDIATELY start losing body fat and building sexy lean muscle tissue... PLUS you can finally have the confidence to compete in the contests you use to let pass you by.

But download these "Insider Lessons" while you can.

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Your Figure Coach,
Karen Sessions

Your Figure Competition Prep Insider Lessons Include...
Fun and easy sample menu to guide you though figure prep...
figure prep lessons
Weekly figure prep lessons to help you develop a body like the figure pros.

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