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The Proven Path To A Figure-Ready Body WITHOUT Having To Sell Your Soul!

Figure Competitions are VERY popular these days and women from ALL walks of life are taking part in them. Go to any fitness contest and you’ll see women in their 20’s competing, women over 40 in their best shape ever, moms totally transformed, corporate mother daughter competitor borderwomen taking the stage, etc.

Competing is FUN, it builds your self-confidence, it helps to create structure in your life, and it’s a GREAT way to get to know others in the fitness industry. And the best benefit, you get to get in the Best Shape of Your Life!

But here’s the SHOCKER… You don’t need to be a member of a gym, you don’t need to be a fitness expert, you don’t need to break the bank on personal trainers and overpriced products… You don’t need to know the first thing about diet and nutrition!

I’m totally convinced that ANYONE can prep for a Figure Contest from scratch, transform their physique and have the potential to win First Place and even win Overall their Very First Figure Competition, IF they follow my Step-by-Step Membership Program that walks you through EVERY week of your prep.

Honestly… if competing in a Figure Competition is something you would like to do in the next 3 months WITHOUT having to spend a small fortune and "break the bank," stay with me because I’m going to share my simple Figure Ready System with you that takes you by the hand and walks you through every aspect of Figure Prep.


I Have Created A TESTED And PROVEN Figure Competition Prep Membership Site So You Can Be Stage-Ready In Just 14 Weeks...

It’s a week-by-week Figure Coaching Program in which I show you, step-by-step, how to:

purple boxed check Weight train properly so you can build EYE-POPPIN' muscles
purple boxed check Diet down in a structured way so you can burn off body fat and keep ALL your lean muscle
purple boxed check Implement EXCITING and fun cardio formats so you can burn off excess calories and body fat
purple boxed check Master each mandatory pose with videos you can you can pose PERFECTLY to impress the judges
purple boxed check Include all-natural supplements to enhance your body transformation process easily
purple boxed check Transition to Peak Week so you can remove all the water from under your skin to pull in DRY and hard
purple boxed check Migrate over to post-competition mode so you AVOID the dreaded rebound effect

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Take The Journey Like These First-Time Figure Competitors And Transform Your Physique...

before and after pics

How Are YOU Different From These Ladies?... You AREN'T!

Use the program these ladies used to transform your body and compete in your First Figure Competition!

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You Will Have FULL Access To Fat Burning Cardio Workouts That Change Every Week To Keep Your Body Guessing...

Figure Cardio Workouts...

To prep for your figure competition you are going to NEED cardio programs that CHALLENGE you in a progressive manner.

High-quality cardio programs kick-up the metabolism so you burn MORE calories throughout the day.

These Cardio Workouts Can:

purple boxed check
Guide you on what days you need to do your cardio exercises for best effect
purple boxed check
Suggest how long you should do your cardio work out so you don't burn muscle
purple boxed check
Advise the form of cardio exercises you can do to burn the most body fat
purple boxed check
Guide you when you need to change your cardio format to prevent plateaus
purple boxed check
Advise you on how to change cardio format so you can be a step ahead
purple boxed check
Suggest to you when you need to implement fasted cardio to burn more fat faster
purple boxed check
Advise you when to do about cardio during peak week so you don't flatten out

You Can Be This Intense Too...



See How Women JUST LIKE YOU Transformed And Snagged FIRST Places In Their Very FIRST Figure Competition... YES... These Are TOTAL NEWBIES...

diana schwark trophies
kelly baker
alisha jackson
4, 1st Places in
First Figure Contest
1st Place in
Natural Muscle Mayhem
1st Place in
First Figure Competition

The Difference in THESE Women and YOU... NOTHING!

Use the program these ladies used to Transform their Bodies and Nail First Place!

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Use Detailed And Structured Training Programs To Build Sexy Muscle AND Burn Body Fat So You Build The Perfect Package...

Insane Figure Training...

PROPER Figure Training will allow you to build and keep hard-earned lean muscle mass to present to the judges when you are on stage.

If you DON'T have enough quality lean muscle mass, you WON'T have the detail needed to place well.

Have Access To:

purple boxed check
Exact days to train for best muscle development
purple boxed check
Which body parts to train so your program is balanced
purple boxed check
Exact exercises you need to do to boost overall muscle density
purple boxed check
Exact number of sets you need to do so you don't burn muscle
purple boxed check
Exact number of reps you need to do so you don't overdo a set
purple boxed check
Amount of rest to take between sets so you can have optimal recovery
purple boxed check
Which training principles to use so you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time
purple boxed check
Training tip center to have the insider advantage to training
purple boxed check
HUGE Exercise Video data base so you are never lost or confused as to what to do


winning figure training
The product is digital and the
image is for visualization only

Hi Karen,

I tried the first day of the first week's workout yesterday. I couldn't wait until today to start since I was so excited to try something new. I have been training for years and the first workout kicked my butt. I haven't been this sore in a long time. I guess it is fair to say...the plateau is over. I love it!



You Want MORE Than First Place?... These Ladies Received Their Pro Cards IN LESS THAN A YEAR...

ifbb figure pro kimberly

The PROPER Figure Prep Can Turn YOU Into A Figure Pro Too!

Use the program these ladies used and receive YOUR Pro Card!

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Practice Your Posing Using Our INTENSE Posing Videos To Learn The EXACT Poses You'll Need To Know...

Figure Posing...

Your posing is the corner stone to your success. During pre-judging you have only a few minutes to showcase your hard work and dedication, which took Months and even Years to achieve.

If you don't learn how to pose correctly you will be remembered for the WRONG reasons.

You can have FULLL ACCESS to Video Posing Lessons that completely outlines how to pose, starting at step one and it guides you through the entire process, and teaches you how to tweak your poses to better impress the judges.

These Posing Videos Will...

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Teach you all the poses you will need to learn to pose like a pro
purple boxed check
Guide you on how to successfully master EVERY pose
purple boxed check
Show you how to properly go into the back pose so you can flare your lats
purple boxed check
Direct you on how to make beautiful transitions so your turns are smooth and flowing
purple boxed check
Teach you how to bring out your leg definition so your posing is balanced
purple boxed check
Guide you on how to make your glutes look magnificent so you blow away your competition
purple boxed check
Show you how to master your proportion while on stage
purple boxed check
Direct you on how to master the Most Important Pose so you can win the entire show

pose like the pros

Look at how just a few tweaks how this competitor's posing improved dramatically.


Have Full and Complete Access to Video Posing Lessons to You Can Learn to Pose Like the Pros...

posing video lessons





Have Insider Access To The BEST Natural And Safe Supplements To Use In Your Prep...

Contest Prep Supplements...

Most supplement companies mean well, but top-level figure competitors know that supplement labels are general and don't address how to REALLY take them for maximum effectiveness. For optimal muscle gain and fat loss, there IS a UNIQUE way to take everything from fat burners to creatine.

Get Guidance On...

purple boxed check
What supplements you should take 14 weeks out so you can transform early
purple boxed check
When to cycle off certain supplements so you don't hold water on contest day
purple boxed check
Which supplements to take 6 weeks out so your definition will show
purple boxed check
How to cycle natural fat burners properly so you can take them safely
purple boxed check
The natural supplements you need to keep your thyroid healthy
purple boxed check
The supplements you need to include so you can melt lower body fat
purple boxed check
The supplements you need for peak week so you pull excess water out
purple boxed check
How to safely take herbal water pills peak week so you can remove water safely

Supplements Are Optional, But Can Benefit Your Prep...




Let's Get You Started On Your First Week Prep... Here's How You Log-In...

Here's the deal... ALL you need to do is just invest $4.97 for your first month. If you like it, great... You'll be billed $27 after your first 30 days for each month after that and you can cancel any time you like. It's YOUR Membership, you are in control.

Your First Month You'll Log-In The Membership Area And Have Access To:

  • 4 Weeks of Figure Prep Dieting
  • 4 Weeks of Intense Training
  • 4 Weeks of Progressive Cardio
  • 4 Weeks of Figure Posing Lessons [Video]
  • 4 Weeks of Suggested Natural Supplements
  • 4 Weeks of Homework Assignments
  • Special Bonus to Help Your Prep

When you put the Membership Program into effect you will:

  • Lose body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Learn how to pose properly
  • Pull off peak week without a hitch

Once you pay the silly low price of just $4.97 you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Private Membership Site. Then each week after that I'll send you an e-mail letting you know that you NEW diet, training, cardio, posing lessons are ready. Just log-in and get the goods and in just 14 Weeks you will be transformed on Rockin' the Stage!

Last Chance... If you aren't ready for your competition, Your Competition IS!