Looking for a Female Bodybuilding Fitness Plan To Build Lean And Sexy Muscle 100% Naturally?

Discover 3 Proven Principles To Building SEXY Head-Turning Muscle The FASTEST Way Possible!

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Personal Trainer, Lifetime Natural Female Bodybuilder

Did you know that traditional Muscle-Building Programs are designed for Hard-Gainer Men!?female bodybuilding fitness plan

This means Mesomorphs, Endomorphs, and ESPECIALLY Women will build very little muscle and a whole lot of body fat using them.

The RAW Truth is, conventional muscle-building programs FAIL to distinguish between the various body types and use a "one-size-fits-all" approach. The final outcome come once the program is finished is:

  1. Overall body weight gain
  2. Increased body fat
  3. Extreme bloating issues
  4. Altered self-confidence
  5. Person resorts to extreme dieting
  6. Muscle loss
  7. Depression

This is the general process in 7 steps of what happens to women on traditional muscle-building programs that are designed for men.

But the BIGGER problem is that you may not Even KNOW it until it's too late. By the time you person realize that you are on the WRONG muscle-building program you are well into the 7th step, depression. :(

But... I do have some GOOD news for you. There IS a certain way that women should approach their female bodybuilding fitness plan to build lean and sexy muscle while losing body fat, and I'm about to EXPOSE that to you...

These 3 Proven Principles Expose The PRECISE Way You Can Build Head-Turning Muscle AND Trim Body Fat By Implementing BASIC Steps The Get Results Super FAST...

This article provides a female bodybuilding fitness plan and info you Don't Want to Miss... So, if you want to build the type of muscle that will get you noticed everywhere you go and even prep for competitions... Check This Out...
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Eat A Structured Diet That Will FEED Your Muscles For Growth And TRIGGER Your Fat Burning Hormones To Increase Fat Burning...

If you are carrying a few extra pounds (the endomorph) and need to lose body fat AND build muscle transform your physique, then your diet will differ from the person who is lean and needs to primarily build muscle (the Ectomorph).female body types

In addition, if you are an ectomorph and you need to build a good amount of muscle, then your nutrition needs will vary from the person who is genetically gifted (the Mesomorph).

The missing element in nearly ALL muscle-building programs is they Do NOT support ALL Body Types. Instead, they group them all together and put them on the same generic dieting format OR cater to the hard-gainer ONLY.

It's very CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that you eat the right amount of calories and macros for YOUR Body Type if you want to make a Total Body Transformation in your female bodybuilding fitness plan.

The Problem Is...

...When you follow the WRONG Muscle-Building Diet you can set yourself up for a cascade of downfalls from fat gain to muscle loss.

The Truth Is... Ectomorphs can get away with eating a little more calories and even complex carbs and make ASTOUDING progress while the Endomorphs need to Pay Attention to calories a little more and really Control Their Carb Intake and use them wisely during the day.

The gifted Mesomorph can get away with a Varying Range of Calories and Carbs and even use various formats of carb-cycling to get the upper edge on their muscle-building goals.

HOWEVER... You STILL need to make sure you are following the proper female bodybuilding fitness and diet plan to make proper use of your calories and macro nutrients, which leads us to Principle #2...
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Implement A Weight Training Strategy That Calls Upon Your Natural Anabolic Hormones To Generate Strength Increases Every Workout...

The Problem with Training is... MOST women aren't using the right exercises, training sequence, reps, and fit womans abs sets to get the results they want. Most women simply weight train in circle, and never really accomplish anything worthwhile.

Your somatotype (your body type, if, where, and how you hold weight) NEEDS a SPECIFIC Training Protocol due to its unique physiological and metabolic makeup. Most muscle-building programs only cater to the hard-gainer and fail to provide training strategies for Mesomoprhs and Endomorphs

If you are an Endomorph (extra weight, slow metabolism) and are doing the workout designed for an Ectomorph (lean with fast metabolism) you will gain weight; granted some of it will be muscle weight, but overall, you will be even larger and look more like a blob.

While overall mass gain without any distinct shape is usually desired by the male lifter, most females want the lean muscle, but also want to see the transformation and lean up.

If you are a Mesomorph and doing the training program designed for an Endomorph, you'll lose muscle mass quickly!

It's a FACT... You need proper muscle stimulation for YOUR Body Type for muscle development to occur, HOWEVER you need to implement the Proper Training Strategy if your female bodybuilding fitness plan so you get the desired outcome.

If you follow the WRONG training format for your body type you can get less than desirable results.

There ARE Specific Training Protocols Designed for Specific Body Types...

Body Type
Ectomorph Training
Mesomorph Training
Endomorph Training
Ectomorph * Gain muscle with virtually 0 fat gain Gain muscle and some body fat Gain muscle and body fat equally
Mesomorph Gain a little muscle and some body fat * Gain muscle with virtually 0 fat gain May not gain muscle, may even lose muscle
Endomorph Gain muscle and body fat Gain muscle and a little body fat * Gain some muscle and lose some body fat

You'll notice above that when you apply the Proper Training Strategy for the SPECIFIC Body Type, results are favorable.

But That's Not All... Principles #1 and #2 work as the driving force behind the next one... Principle #3...
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Implement The Proper Cardio Protocol That Will Minimize Catabolism And Target Body Fat 97% Better...

Dangers of Cardio for ALL Body Types are doing the WRONG cardio formats for the WRONG length of time. If you are an Ectomorph and you do an Endomorphs cardio program, say good-bye to ALL your cardio workout hard-earned muscle.

On the flip side, if you are an Endomorph doing an Ectomorph cardio work, you could possibly GAIN Body Fat!

Mesomorphs, just because you are genetically blessed from above doesn't mean you have dodged the cardio bullet. While your cardio needs will vary greatly from other body types, you STILL can run the risk of losing muscle and gaining body fat if you engage in the WRONG cardio format for your body.

Your body type has EVERYTHING to do with your cardio needs for fat loss when it comes to your female bodybuilding fitness plan.

It is 110% CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that you engage the proper cardio format and method for your SPECIFIC Body Type so you burn pure body fat and KEEP your lean muscle.

It's a fact that your diet, training format, cardio outline must complement one another for your body type to heed desired results of gaining lean muscle while losing body fat.
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Eating, Training, And Doing Cardio For YOUR SPECIFIC Body Type Is The ONLY Way To Ensure Success...

The Cold, Hard Truth is that these 3 Principles are the Absolute Working Factor being EVERY success story you see. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY an Endomorph will get desired results from following the Ectomorphs or even Mesomorphs program, and this goes for EVERY body type.

To transform your physique, you will have to implement certain eating, training and cardio strategies that allow for your body to feed off those particular energy systems.

If you feel you are READY to take your physique to the next level, to totally transform it into a fit work-of-art, then just click the "Next Page" button below and I'll personally show you the Female Bodybuilding Fitness Plan that actually DELIVERS Results...