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If You Have 20 - 40 Pounds To Lose

If you are 20 - 40 pounds overweight you can probably relate to:

Stress or some other Emotional Trigger which leads to
Craving for Carbs, then you
Eat or Binge on Junk Food and this is followed by
Feeling of satisfaction, then
Guilt hits HARD
The Cycle Repeats and becomes a habit


cycle of binge eating

If You Don't Gain Control It's Going To Create:

red flag Carb Intolerance
red flag A Very Slow Metabolism
red flag Constant Carb Cravings
red flag A Learned Behavior / A BAD Habit

If you have roughly 20-40 pounds to lose chances are you are Carb-Sensitive and possibly Pre-Diabetic. If you don't get control over this weight issue NOW, you can slide into the obese category in a very short amount of time.  

Do Any Of These Describe You?

You feel uncomfortable in your skin
The scale stays the same no matter what
You avoid mirrors
Working out is unpleasant and a chore
Wearing a swimsuit is out of the question
The cravings just won't stop
Your self-confidence is low
You lose weight and gain it back
You feel out of control
You feel helpless
hefty woman

We've Established That You Aren't Happy With Your Current Physical Condition... Now Let's Do Something About It.

One way to gauge how overweight you are is to find your BMI. Let's see where you are weight-wise so we know where you need to start.

On the chart below, locate your weigh in pounds and your height. The number the represents both is your BMI. If your number falls in the baby blue section you are overweight.

bmi chart

This is the Reason You Can't Lose Weight and Keep it Off

If you are in the overweight category then you ARE Carb-Sensitive and a Sugar Burner.  This means you burn sugar as fuel rather than body fat.  This condition is brought on from years of carb abuse which causes insulin troubles as well as a sluggish metabolism and even depression!

This is NOT a genetic condition that you are cursed with.

Your Current Roller Coaster Weight Condition is Caused by:

Eating the wrong carbs
Eating too many carbs
Not grouping carbs or improperly grouping carbs
Eating carbs at the wrong time


This is Why Your Body Isn't Burning Fatsugar addicition cycle

Years of over-indulging in carbs keeps your pancreas overproducing insulin, and the muscles and liver don’t have enough storage space.

Therefore, the excess sugar remains in the blood, keeping the blood sugar level constantly elevated so you never have a chance to tap into your fat stores

This is the reason why your body fat is rarely touched during cardio or weight training, because you body has an abundance of sugar to burn as fuel.

To add insult to injury, when all your blood sugar is used up, your blood glucose levels plummet and triggers more carbohydrate cravings and the process repeats.

A classic case of a Catch 22.   

These factors are not limitations. You have the power to change your weight and potential health issues.


Gaining Control and Losing The Weight

There is some good news. You can actually train your body to do just the opposite. You can train your body to be a fat burning machine rather than a sugar furnace.

The trick is done through meal combining and a planning technique. Click Here if you Need to Lose Weight  

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