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If You Have 50 Or More Pounds To Lose

According to the BMI Index, you are overweight if your BMI is 25 or more and you are obese if your BMI is 30 or greater.

Use the chart below and find your BMI.

bmi chart

What is your BMI? Do you want it or need it lower?...

Being overweight or obese more puts you at a higher risk for developing certain diseases such as:

red arrow Type 2 Diabetes
red arrow Hypertension
Certain cancers
Cushing’s Syndrome
Kidney disease
Fatty liver disease
Sleep apnea
Gall bladder disease
High cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease
man went from fat to fit


In addition, being 25 or more on the BMI chart can be linked to depression, and a sluggish metabolism, and carb-sensitivity.

These factors are not limitations. You have the power to change any of these.


If You Have 50 Pounds or More to Lose or You're Obese, You Are Extremely Sensitive to Carbs and Your Carbs NEED to be Micro-Managed


This Is Why You Haven't Been Able to Lose Weight...

Being overweight or obese makes you a sugar burner. This means you burn sugar as fuel at rest, NOT body fat. You are not only a sugar burner, but you are also carb-sensitive, which is directly related to insulin problems.

These characteristics are caused by years of carbohydrate abuse, NOT genetics.

Lean people, while at rest, burn primarily stored body fat. This is why it seems they can eat and eat and not get fat. Their body is always burning fat. Those who are overweight or obese burn sugar during rest; and therefore, their body fat never gets tapped into.


How and Why You Are a Sugar Burner...carb cycle

Years of abusing carbohydrates keeps the pancreas overproducing insulin, and the muscles and liver don’t have enough storage space.

Consequently, the excess sugar remains in the blood, keeping the blood sugar level constantly elevated.

This is why body fat is rarely touched during cardio or weight training, because you body has plenty of sugar to burn as fuel.

The other downfall is that when all the blood sugar is used up, the blood glucose levels plummet and that triggers more carbohydrate cravings and the process repeats.

Does this vicious roller coaster sound familiar?


Reversing Your Weight Issue

There is some good news. You can actually train your body to do just the opposite. You can train your body to be a fat burning machine rather than a sugar furnace.

The trick is done through meal combining and a planning technique. Click Here if you Need to Lose Weight       

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